DOG walkers on the Costa del Sol are being urged to be extra vigilant after ‘repeated’ findings of sausages filled with screws and needles. 

The alert has been raised in Sabinillas, Manilva, after several potentially fatal pieces of meat were found this week.

According to local magazine La Voz, the tampered meats were found in Boquipark, a popular dog walking spot among the large British community.

?¡¡¡ATENCIÓN PROPIETARIOS DE MASCOTAS!!!?? #Sabinillas / La dirección del Boquipark, nos hace llegar estas imágenes de…

Geplaatst door La VOZ op Donderdag 14 november 2019

“Several pieces of sausages with screws inside have been collected by pet owners who come to this area,” La Voz claimed in a Facebook post.

“If you are one of those who leave your pets loose in this area of Sabinillas, be careful.”

It is not the first case of meats containing screws being left in popular dog walking spots along the coast.

The last few years have seen an increase in sausages containing razors being left in parks.

The latest find also comes after string of dog poisonings in Marbella which started in 2017 and which have seen more than 20 pets killed. 

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