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COLUMN: Two disabled ponies find friendship at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales, writes Susan Weeding

Farm Flash   Fudge And Annie

These two little ponies are deeply in love and they go everywhere together. 

They’re both disabled, and they are inseparable.

Fudge was the first rescue – he came two years ago on the 21st of September in another shocking rescue.

We were called out by the police, who took Rod to where this little pony was tied up literally in a bush.

He had his head in the bush to keep the flies off of his face, because they were devouring every inch of him. 

Once Rod got him out of the bush, then he saw what was inviting the flies: his eye was punctured and rotting away.

Susan And Rod Weeding
FARM FAVOURITES: Rod and Susan Weeding started the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales back in 2008

Fudge was skeletal, very weak, but we got him back to the rescue centre and our vet, Dorothy, came to examine him. 

It became evident that due to a very heavy blow, most likely from a human, the eye had been severely damaged, and the impact had fractured the second vertebra in his neck. 

It was causing neurological problems, and meant the pony could barely walk. 

He also had a venereal disease. He was probably owned by gypsies, who do unselective breeding, so they put any mare with any pony. (Believe it or not, horses, ponies and donkeys can transmit venereal diseases.) 

Anyway we treated the 18-year-old Fudge, we got him as strong as we could and did the castration. 

Unfortunately, this little guy will never be able to go out in the yard and be with the other ponies because of his disabilities. He rolls when he walks, and if he has another blow to the neck it might paralyze him. 

So, here was Fudge all lonely in the yard, when fate took a hand. 

The following year, in May, we were called out again by the police to another skeletal pony. 

She’d been abandoned on the street, tied up and left. She was covered in parasites, very near death. Her hooves were so long she could barely walk. 

We suspected she’d probably been used for breeding and been kept inside a stable her whole life. When she got weak, her owners likely just dumped her in the street and left her.

Annie was about 17 years old when we got her. Again, obviously, we got her to the rescue centre, and slowly managed to get food into her. 

We cut up to 30cm of growth from each hoof to enable her to walk again, but due to her sheltered life this was another disabled pony unable to ever be in the yard with the others. 

And so, it became a match made in heaven. They are together 24/7, and sleep in the same stable.

Farm Flash Fudge And Annie 1
‘MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN’: Fudge and Annie are now together 24/7

When you consider the terrible lives these two must have had in the past, it’s a miracle neither of them are in pain any longer.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about these little two. 

I just hope when their time comes they pass away together, because they would be lost without each other.

Find out more at easyhorsecare.net/ and please leave a donation to allow Rod and Susan to continue their fantastic work.
Call: +34 652 021 980
Email: [email protected]

Joshua Parfitt

Joshua James Parfitt is the Costa Blanca correspondent for the Olive Press. He holds a gold-standard NCTJ in multimedia journalism from the award-winning News Associates in Twickenham. His work has been published in the Sunday Times, Esquire, the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Sun on Sunday, the Mirror, among others. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss devastating flooding in Spain, as well as making appearances on BBC and LBC radio stations.

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