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COLUMN: A swingers request on Costa Blanca Facebook group sends admin scratching their heads at the rulebook, writes Loraine Gostling

Getting Connected Swinger Message

Before I begin, I just have to give you a quick update on the new KFC in Ondara (avid readers will remember last week’s food fight over whether we should celebrate or protest).

Signs are now up and this week many workmen were on site standing about admiring said signs, and seemingly little else, which could be why there is no opening date yet.

So, sorry, KFC fans… but keep your eyes peeled on the Javea Connect Information page for updates!

So, what else has been happening on my beloved Facebook group this week? 

Well, it was all rather ‘same old, same old’, that is, until yesterday evening when a lady from Belgium (where the chips are far superior to KFC I might add) announced quite openly that she was ‘looking for couples that in the swingers world’.

Getting Connected Swinger Message
AWKWARD: The shock request on Javea Connect

You can imagine, within minutes admin’s phones were dinging, with prudent users reporting the post as a violation of rules.

So, after a little giggle, I checked the rules and it appears we have nothing explicitly banning swinging – oh the dilemma! 

I know many members on Javea Connect who would be recoil in horror at this post, but I also know the vast majority would have grabbed the popcorn, a glass of wine and sat down to watch how this one progressed. 

There are also the few ‘devil may care’ members who, I pretty much knew, would be flexing their fingers to get a few laughs.

But, what about us admin? 

As usual, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

But the one thing that many of the members don’t realise, is that oftentimes there is nothing more tempting than actually being ourselves.

In these occasions we have to top up the G&T, find three more people to play Cards Against Humanity with, and hope that that temptation to speak our minds quickly subsides.

So… we let the swingers have the stage, and 106 comments later (and still going) I think we made the right decision in not giving in.  

My fellow admin, Gwenda Robinson, (the one who owns the broom and cauldron) did finally comment: “There’s a question earlier on asking why/how admin are allowing this thread, well here’s my take. We are all adults and not ALL judgemental (albeit the usual ones will out themselves) but for me it makes a change from how wonderful your plumber/mechanic/manicurist is, moaning about dog crap, rubbish, the weather and cyclists. Vive la Difference I say!”

And so say all of us!

For information, events guides and trusted business directories in the Costa Blanca north, check out Loraine Gostling’s popular https://www.javeaconnect.co.uk/.

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