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Woman gets €37,000 payout after slipping on soapy pavement being cleaned by town hall workers in Spain’s Andalucia

Municipal Cleaners

A WOMAN who slipped and fell on a pavement in Andalucia has been awarded €37,000 in compensation by the Junta.

Her accident took place in Almeria in an area where there was a ‘large amount of water and soap’.

The Consultative Council of Andalucia (CCA) ruled that the victim was due a payout, as she had not been warned of the hazard on the public road.

The body supports Almeria City Council and has verified the total amount to be paid out is €37,723.99.

Municipal Cleaners
ACCIDENT: Soap and water left by town hall workers caused a woman to slip and fall down

The woman is to be paid out following a two-year legal journey, which began after the woman fell in October 2017.

The CCA said the woman’s claim was over ‘the large amount of water and soap in the steel as a result of the tasks of cleaning that were being carried out’.

It added that the areas being cleaned ‘were not signposted’.

However the body did caution that members of the public should have ‘a certain diligence when they walk in public spaces’.

It says citizens should be cautious so that they can ‘overcome both minor defects or irregularities that may exist’.

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