FEW photographers can glide effortlessly from landscape shots to studies of the body. 

Fewer still can do so while maintaining in each image the surrealist view of life. 

But American artist Lee Miller was a rare genius who could do both.

Lee Miller C
Portrait of Lee Miller dressed as Arlesian, 1937

Now photography fans can get a chance to understand her talents at an exciting new exhibition at Malaga’s La Termica gallery

Over 100 prints of her extraordinary work, taken mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, are on display at the exhibition.


In between her time documenting the horrors of war as a correspondent, she spent time photographing nudes in striking, unusual ways. 

A nude body bent over in silhouette becoming unidentifiable, a man wearing a bowler hat and a pyramid’s shadow on the sand: the snaps perfectly demonstrate Miller’s legacy. 

Lee Miller B
Eileen Agar and “Golden Tooth” sculpture [Eileen Agar and the Golden Tooth sculpture]

Attending the opening of the exhibition, her son, Antony Penrose, said: “She was not only a fascinating woman, but also a great surrealist artist.” 

The photographs, on show until February 2020, are being lent to the gallery from his own private collection. 

Miller died at the age of 70 in Sussex.

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