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‘IT’S MASS SUICIDE’: Spain’s British expats react to Tories’ biggest election majority since Thatcher with crushing defeat for Labour

Johnson Corbyn

THE Conservative Party is forecast to win its largest general election majority since Margaret Thatcher.

Boris Johnson’s ‘get Brexit done’ message appears to have resonated with voters, with the exit polls suggesting a landslide victory of 368 MPs to Labour’s 191.

The Liberal Democrats are set to take 13 seats, the Scottish National Party, 55, Green, 1 and the Brexit Party, 0.

A majority of 325 seats is needed to form a government in the House of Commons.

The exit poll of 20,000 voters in 144 polling stations forecasts Labour’s lowest number of seats since 1935.

Johnson Corbyn
HISTORIC: Boris Johnson (left) appears to have lead the Tories to their biggest win since Thatcher, while Jeremy Corbyn (right) appears to have suffered a massive defeat

The poll, carried out as voters leave polling stations, was conducted by Ipsos MORI for Sky News, the BBC and ITV News.

Labour have lost Blythe Valley in the West Midlands – a seat the party has held since 1950.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Corbyn’s party have held onto the seats of Houghton and Sunderland South, and Newcastle Central.

The predicted results have caused the Pound-to-Euro exchange value to surge to 1.2064, the highest it has been since the 2016 EU membership referendum.

Leaders in the expat community have expressed their shock at the surprising exit poll results.

Sue Wilson, chair of the Bremain in Spain group said: “Shocking exit poll results. What has the British public done? Its mass suicide.”

REACTION: Expats are in shock at the apparent landslide victory for the Conservative Party

The Tories’ victory in what has been dubbed ‘the most important post-war election’ puts the UK on course to leave the EU on January 31.

In an exclusive poll of 2,100 Olive Press readers earlier this year, a shocking 27% still backed Brexit.

Earlier today, Anne Hernandez of Brexpats said expats’ slammed the lack of attention afforded to the post-Brexit rights of British people in Spain.

“The best possible outcome is that Boris is gone and even better if he lost Uxbridge,” she told the Olive Press.

Although Johnson looks set to have an enormous mandate to govern the UK, Hernandez may be right about Uxbridge.

Sky News’ Laura Jayes said Tory insiders told her that the incumbent Prime Minister was ‘genuinely in trouble’ in his constituency.

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  1. I don’t know who Sue is – but frankly her ‘mass suicide’ comment suggests she didn’t go easy enough on the vino.

    The relatively tiny minority of Brits who expatriated themselves to Spain did so at their own risk and have zero justification in disrespecting the views of UK citizens who remain in situ

    However, I have little doubt that acceptable reciprocity agreements will be negotiated which will safeguards the interests of Spanish and British alike

    Is she also complaining about the splendidly refreshed GBP/EUR I wonder ?

    Location : Alora 29500
  2. Brycie get your facts together before making sarcastic comments. Fact Nº 1 A quarter of a million Britons live in Spain, Fact Nº 2 Sue Wilson is chair of the Bremain in Spain group and Anne Hernández of Brexpats both groups attempting to look after the interests of those quarter of a million Britons living in Spain. You know what they say Brycie IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

    Location : canaries
  3. Last time I checked the Facebook following of bremain in Spain was about 5.5 thousand i.e. Around 2% of the claimed 250k brits calling Spain home.
    The constant complaining of this group in no way represents my views of the election outcome, nor those of any other brit I have spoken to since the election.
    Whilst I respect everyone’s right to hold differing political opinions, please don’t pretend that this is the view of all, or even the majority of brits in spain

    Location : Rute, Spain
  4. The Brits in Spain who favour Brexit are either wealthy enough to survive all the coming problems with health costs, possible/probable Brit state pension worries, pet passports, Spanish state bullying, increased anti-Brit xenophobia, falls in house prices, etc. Or else they are turkeys who enjoy voting for Christmas.
    Facebook? What has that to do with it? Not everybody is a slave to that particular cosy club. The one question that people struggle to answer on Brexit here is, “what’s in it for you in Spain?”
    So, go on, What’s in it for you? How can you possibly be better off?

    Location : malaga
  5. Well said both Brycie and PaulR, this woman and her group no way represent our views on the election result nor those of the majority of Brits we know either living in, or owning homes in Spain. Sometimes the odd remainer voices are constantly heard moaning, but no way are they relevant to the 17,410,792 Brexit majority who were eligible to vote in the UK or abroad. Conservatives it is in the UK for the next 5 years or longer, with Brexit as well, at last!

    Location : Tunbridge Wells for the vote!
  6. Quoting numbers and statistics can be very misleading. The ACTUAL majority to leave was 1.269,501, not 17 million. Then 12.948.018 failed to cast a vote.
    Then, over 18.000,000 were not registered to vote. So, in fact, no one knows what “the will of the people ” was, just what the will of SOME people was. We have no idea what that thirty three million people felt about it. “Lies, damn lies and statistics” As Disraeli said (probably).
    Bring on the one good thing Australia does and make voting compulsory, as is already the case in a UK census count. Do your duty people, even if you tick the “none of the above” box.

    Location : malaga
  7. Stefanjo, I never quite understand why certain people spend so much timr lookong for the negatives in life.
    No. I am not wealthy enough to not care about some of the issues you mention, but I have a better quality of life and standard of living on my income here than if I lived in the UK. Therefore I prefer to see the positives.
    If you honestly feel you are subject to anti brit sentiments where you live, perhaps your anti Spanish attitude and views (as expressed very bluntly, very often,) on this site, contribute to people’s attitudes towards you???., final point – a democracy by definition only needs a majority of ONE.

    Location : Rute, Spain
  8. We’re in T. Wells currently over Christmas and there is a wonderful air of optimism & relief everywhere we go because the Conservatives thumped the ridiculous ‘stop brexit’ lib dems & anti semitic marxists running labour. Even hard line remainers like Heseltine and Soames & many more have at last accepted they can’t stop Brexit although some losers like Miller will still try! Better still, the ‘weekly whine’ from the odd remainer abroad or in the UK is not relevant to the 17,410,742 who won the referendum. Yes PaulR, a majority of one is all that’s needed, so pleased it was almost 1.3 million times larger. Subversive remainers wanted a People’s Vote, another referendum, by heck they got that big time in the GE! Sterling & stock market enjoying the Boris effect currently, lots of work to be done, but onwards & upwards! Blue is good!

    Location : Tunbridge Wells

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