A SPAIN’S Got Talent contestant has almost died after failing to escape from a sealed underwater box.

Viewers and judges of the Telecinco show were left in shock as they watched Pedro Volta drowning onstage.


Medical staff rushed to free the Galician escapologist who was knocked out after he stopped breathing during a live broadcast of the semifinals.

The magician had intended to free himself from a straitjacket inside a double locked container filled with water.

But after he had been submerged for over a minute and a half the performer ran out of oxygen and his body began to shut down.

DEATH CHEAT: Escapologist Pedro Volta almost dies after he fails to escape from locked underwater box

Volta was unable to open the second padlock and had to be pulled free, to a standing ovation from the audience.

Spain’s Got Talent host Santi Millan, asked ‘are you alright?’, while judges Edurne, Risto Mejide, Dani Martinez and Paz Padilla appeared horrified at Volta’s near-death.

“Everything was controlled, I do not play with my life,” he said after being freed and coming around.

“But I am not going to do this trick anymore because I have overcome my fear.”

It comes after Volta almost died in another water escape attempt on the streets of Madrid in 2018.

The performer admitted he had ‘spent four minutes in cardiorespiratory arrest’ after his trick failed in Navacerrada.

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