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Resolve to stop talking and start doing in 2020, writes Mijas Councillor Bill Anderson in his end-of-year missive

mijas donkey
TOURISTS: Enjoying donkey ride

THIS time last year I wrote about Janus the two-faced god who looked to the past and to the future. It has been an interesting 2019 and although I worked for 20 years in psychological services in the UK, I have learned a lot more lessons in human behaviour. 

For the first five months all I heard was that we needed a change of government in Mijas. Yet when the moment came to achieve this, 90% of the eligible International voters didn’t bother to turn out to vote.

The Mijas donkeys have been regularly on the agenda. In August I posted that Mijas Council had rejected the motion we presented. The post reached almost 34,000 people.

There were over 200 comments, many of which were angry, insulting, pleading or indignant. Things did move on regarding the donkeys: new ordinances were passed and training given to Inspectors to ensure that these are monitored – not just weight limits but general checks on hoof health and saddle and harness fittings.

mijas donkey
TOURISTS: Enjoying donkey rides in Mijas, which have become increasingly controversial

This post received one comment and 11 ‘reactions’. Frankly, where were all these people who were baying for blood when we see progress and positive change?

Why are people so addicted to bad news? Why can’t we react positively to good news? I have an answer but it is not for this article.

What else happened this year? Well, I became the first British Citizen to become a Councillor in the 40 years of democracy in Mijas. I don’t see this as a personal achievement as without the support and foresight of the Partido Popular president, Angel Nozal, it would never have happened. I took leave of absence from my University lecturer’s post and have been concentrating on being available to the residents of Mijas. I like my new role!

I also took the decision to change the way I use social media, and to concentrate on informing people and not in criticising the government. I also decided to work as closely as I can with the other councillors. Since if the purpose of my job is to get things done, it is the only way to do it.

So much for the past; what of the future? That is unknown country. I have never been good at treading water so I will continue to push for, and support, change. However I and my colleagues will not support poor decision-making or procrastination, and we will challenge things which we feel are not in the best interests of Mijas. 

We will continue to promote common sense approaches  and good management. From the Opposition benches there are limits but when the government team turns down common sense suggestions, I will report it.

Then there is Brexit: the black hole which will determine our future.

All I can do is advise, and it is up to individuals to get their finger out or be left out.

I wish you all the best for 2020. Let’s stop talking and start doing!

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