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Costa del Sol, Spain

AMERICAN publication Forbes has prepared a list of the best places for its readers to retire in 2020. 

And it’s no surprise Spain has made the cut.

The country has an amazing health service, low crime rate, culture and of course a warm climate.

But where to live? Well, according to Forbes, either the Costa del Sol, Bilbao or the Costa Azahar in Castellon.

“Sunny Spain is cheaper than much of Europe, particularly a few miles away from the gorgeous coasts and big cities,” Forbes said.

Bilbao also made the list

“Healthcare is considered excellent. Crime rate is low. Visas for U.S. retirees are relatively easy to get upon a showing of adequate annual income, roughly $36,000 for a couple.

“A tax treaty between the US and Spain eliminates many double taxation issues.”

It added: “Knowledge of some Spanish is a must. There are nonstop flights back to the US.

“Inviting venues include the Costa del Sol along the Mediterranean, Bilbao and the Orange Blossom Coast near Barcelona.”

It described the healthcare as excellent and the cost of living as ‘very reasonable.’

Malaga is full of British retirees to have chosen the idyllic region to spend their golden years.

In towns such as Alcaucin, more than a third of its 2,300 residents are foreign, mostly British.

Forbes’ list also includes Latin American countries such as Colombia, Panama and Aruba, and European favourites such as Italy, Portugal or Scotland.

More eastern options included Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

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  1. Hands up those expat pensioners who would qualify under these rules? (27500 pounds income per annum for a couple) Because, after Brexit, you’ll be in the same boat as the Yanks this Forbes article is aimed at.

    Location : malaga
  2. ” low crime rate” they obviously have never heard the phrase Costa del Crime coined in the eighties and still going strong today on the Costa del Sol. Take your chances your not shot in a Restaurant or Bar. Nuff said!

    Location : canaries

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