Ap 7

A TEENAGE boy has been saved after attempting to end his life by jumping off a bridge, police said. 

The young lad was holding onto the railing of a bridge over the AP-7 motorway in Torremolinos when police found him.

He had apparently announced his suicide moments earlier on a Whatsapp group while drivers alerted authorities to the boy climbing over the railing.

The intense rescue happened at around 12.40pm yesterday and saw four officers from the Policia Local attend to the scene having luckily been patrolling nearby.

The agents attempted to speak with the man but he did not reply.

However, according to police, his actions indicated that he was about to jump into the void.

He reportedly was on his tip toes and at one point leaned onto one foot.

While they were talking to him, the police officers stealthily approached the young man until they were close enough to pounce on him and pull him to safety.

Four agents jumped on him the very moment he let go of the railing, witnesses said, managing to save his life.

He was taken to mental health specialists at the Clinical Hospital in Malaga.

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