SPAIN’S traffic regulatory body is hoping to capitalise on the newly-formed Spanish government and implement a raft of new measures in 2020.

Plans from the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) were thwarted throughout 2019 due to political instability that saw two general elections and congress time taken up by political in-fighting.

But urgent measures are now expected to be rolled out as soon as the government is up and running, with a crackdown on scooters, driving under the influence and using mobile phones at the wheel.

The DGT are pushing for mobile phone users to lose six points from the licence – Spanish licences allow 12 — if caught by helicopter of traffic police.

New legislation to control the boom of personal mobility vehicles will also see a ban on scooters using main roads and require licences and insurance.

Also on the table are new reforms that will boost the control and punishments for driving under the influence.

Other measures to be discussed will be a 30km/h limit on all single carriageways in Spanish cities, as well as reforms to driving theory tests and measures to help vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists.


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