A THREAT of enforced child labour has bizarelly turned a Valencian bar into the most popular spot in town.

Fed up with messy and unruly children, the owner of a Bar Ca Juliet in Carcaixent pinned a notice cautioning that ‘unsupervised minors’ would be put to work.

The sign said: “Warning! Every child in this bar without parental supervision will become property of this bar and made to wash plates. Beware.”

Valencian Bar Threatens Child Labour
PLATE TIME: The warning at Ca Julieta warned that ‘unsupervised children’ would be made to ‘wash plates’

Instead of being raided by police, hundreds of Instagrammers, newspapers and TV and radio stations have turned up to have a giggle.

Owner Jorge Bohigues said he wrote the tongue-in-cheek sign during a day of desperation when he found tables and chairs covered in colourful childlike drawings.

 “The sign has surprisingly worked – parents refer to it as a warning for their own children to behave well,” he added.

It comes as last May a bar in Murcia put up a similar, though more sinister, sign that threatened to sell children ‘as slaves’ for bad behaviour.

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