POLICE have smashed a human trafficking ring in Andalucia and freed five women who were ‘sexually exploited’.

Policia Nacional officers broke up the gang, which is believed to have lured women in via the internet with the promise of jobs like ‘hostessing’.


The Ukrainian and Russian women were freed in Motril, Granada, where they were forced to prostitute themselves for 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

Six people have been arrested for alleged membership of a criminal gang and falsifying documents during a raid.


The gang are believed to have given the sex workers false stamps of entry into Europe’s Schengen Area.

They are thought to have got the women to pose as tourists and get them to jet into Malaga Airport.

A club owner is believed to have picked up the women, before transferring them to two homes where the women were kept.

A Policia Nacional source said the women were kept under highly strict conditions, in which they apparently had to request to leave the house.

Police also seized €16,740, two vehicles and various documents.

The club, where the women were trafficked, was handed a court order, demanding its closure.

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