A ‘THREE Queens’ parade in Valencia city has come under fierce criticism from the spokesperson for the city’s Popular Party (PP).

María José Catalá hit out at the €25,000 annual grant given to the feminist celebration this coming 12 January, saying the parade had ‘nothing to do with Valencian traditions’.

She also criticised the mayor, Joan Ribó, for plans to shut down central city streets for the cavalcade in the midst of January sales.

“Again this year Ribó and the PSPV are not ashamed to use the public resources of the City Council to support a private parade in the heart of the city, which will cause economic damage to businesses and inconvenience to neighbours on a Sunday of January sales,” Catalá said.

She added that shops would doubly suffer due to a 10K run also scheduled for 12 January, and the closing of 12 bus routes.

She suggested the mayor ‘did not care’ for 80 years of political struggling for women’s rights, instead choosing to be swayed by ‘ideology’.

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