A HUGE explosion has occurred at a petrochemical plant in Spain. 

The blast took place at around 6.35pm this evening at a factory in Tarragona, Catalunya.

Local sources say the huge flames and bellowing smoke are coming from the IQOXE, which once belonged to Associated Chemical Industries.

Some four people are known to have been injured, at least one person seriously, according to local reporting.

Government sources have recommended that people living near the area remain indoors.

Those in Taragona, Salou, Vila-Seca, Reus, Constatanti, El Morell and La Canonja have been told to lock their doors and windows as a precaution.

Authorities have stressed that the measures are preventative in case a toxic cloud forms, however there is no evidence of that yet.

Residents from miles around reported hearing a huge bang before seeing the fireball erupt in the poligono sur of the industrial area of the city.

At least 10 firetrucks have been sent to tackle the inferno.

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