THIS is the moment a reveller in Spain phoned police after waking up to find himself in the toilet of a bar with no recollection of the night before. 

The unnamed party goer became concerned after realising he was trapped inside the bar in Valverde de la Virgen in Leon on Sunday morning.

He soon phoned Guardia Civil and informed officers he had no idea where he was and that he had ‘fallen asleep after getting hammered’.

In the now viral audio of the call, agents asked the man if he has been able to escape the bathroom.

He tells them: “Yes I’ve already left the bathroom, now I’m having a small beer at the bar.”

He goes on to ask the police to ‘please get me out of here’.

Guardia Civil told him to sit tight and that they would not be too long, and given that he had already been in the bar so long, ‘a little while longer would not hurt him’.

Local Police soon arrived at the establishment to open the doors from the outside.

The man told police he had no idea how got to the bar before asking for a lift home.

He revealed he lived quite a drive away and must have been dropped off there at some point the night before.

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