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Bogus companies across Spain used as window-dressing in waste disposal scam

THREE people are being probed by the Guardia Civil for illegally storing 700 tonnes of industrial waste via a network of bogus companies. The Guardia's...

Gold coin rarity minted in Murcia over 1,400 years ago is discovered during house renovation in Spain

A gold coin struck in the Murcia region 1,400 years ago has been found during home improvement work at a Leon property. An even older...

Star buys: Man charged with sending meteorite prices into orbit

AN out of this world meteorite has been sold - and it’s value is astronomical. The fragment -  that spent 4,500 of years passing through...

School in northern Spain is sent almost one tonne of Costa Blanca oranges in move to promote city’s produce

ALMOST a tonne of oranges have been sent from Orihuela to a school in a small town in Leon as part of a promotional...

Hamlet in Spain’s Leon registers its first birth in 64 years

A HAMLET in the region of León has registered its first birth in 64 years.

LISTEN: Man in Spain wakes up in bar toilet in a hungover panic before pulling himself a beer and... THIS is the moment a reveller in Spain phoned police after waking up to find himself in the toilet of a bar with no...

How you can buy your own pueblo in Spain

Would you like to own your own village? Spain has a few to spare. They are the forgotten pueblos - once thriving rural communities, now...

León chosen as centre of gastronomy for Spain in 2018

A new city has been selected as the event moves into it's seventh year.

Spain bans blue wine for being the ‘wrong colour’

it was ruled that blue wine does not fit among the 17 approved types

Ex-boyfriend arrested for pouring glue in former lover’s vagina in Spain

The Guardia Civil arrested two people for abducting a 36-year-old woman before torturing her in a car

SHOCKING VIDEO: Bulls set on fire in horrific Spanish show

The group are demanding the event, in which bulls are literally set on fire, is put to an end

Spain’s first blue wine goes on sale

The aim was to create a wine that was not focussed on the tastes and preferences of so-called connoisseurs, but rather normal, creative and daring people

Jeremy Clarkson annoys Spanish embassy with racial stereotyped car review

Labelling the new SEAT Leon as a ‘lukewarm paella’, Clarkson said he had never driven a SEAT because he ‘never saw the point’

Spain’s smoking sadness

SMOKING is the number one killer in Spain, killing more than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs and traffic accidents collectively. A report on premature mortality lead...

Kidnap warning for women walking Camino de Santiago

A manhunt is underway for two men who attempted to kidnap a woman of 50 on the Camino de Santiago

Spain goes green for Earth Hour

125 Spanish cities are embracing this year’s Earth Hour

BREAKING: 51 arrested in raids across Spain in massive anti-corruption crackdown

Politicians and businessmen arrested in Guardia Civil macro operation

Quest for the Holy Grail leads to Leon

Ancient goblet has been taken off display in a Spanish church, after historians identified it as the Holy Grail

Fake gas inspectors arrested for conning victims out of millions

Police have carried out raids in Malaga, Granada and Almeria to decimate the criminal network

Look out for your Seat Leon in Spain!

New report finds car models such as the Seat Leon and VW Golf are the most likely to get stolen

Youngest resident in Spanish village is 70

The hamlet of Villabandin in Castile Leon had it's last newborn over 40 years ago

Successful failure for Spain tourist scheme

Duff tourist scheme set to be expanded across Spain





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