A HAMLET in the region of León has registered its first birth in 64 years.

Victor Gonzalez and Viviana Palacios are the proud parents that brought baby Ivan into the world on Tuesday.

This birth was the first in Valcuende since 1956, a hamlet of until now, only four inhabitants.

The baby was born in a hospital in the city of León, weighing almost 4kg and is very healthy.

The couple have told El Pais that they’re not planning to leave baby Ivan without any siblings, as they want to have two more children.

The pair have been together for three years and were set up by Victor’s brother and sister-in-law, after Viviana moved over to Spain from Uruguay.

The couple own a farm and raise their livestock, that includes cows, chickens, rabbits and pigs.

Although they live in a very secluded part of Spain, their lives have also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple were very scared when going to the hospital once Viviana had gone into labour and took all necessary precautions.

Fortunately for them, they all tested negative and are healthy.

“The doctors have behaved phenomenally, they have taken great care of us,” Victor told El Pais.

The couple’s relatives have not been able to see the baby in person, due to the lockdown rules, but have made the most of pictures and video calls.

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