A FEMALE basketball referee in Spain was subjected to vile sexist insults at a game on Saturday, in the Female League of the sport. The man shouting the comments called the woman a ‘wh*re’ and told her to ‘go away and clean’. 

The incident took place during a match between teams Bembibre and Spar Girona, which was being played in the former municipality, located in Leon province. 

The man in question insulted the referee during the entire game, even when he was being expelled from the sports hall, according to witnesses. 

“He called out to her during the whole match,” commented another member of the crowd on social media, according to online publication 20 minutos

Man insults female basketball referee
The man insulting the basketball referee during the game in Leon. Twitter

“He was thrown out and then he stood where you can see him in the photo, until two minutes before the end [the referee] couldn’t take it any more and she stopped the game until the guy left,” the same witness commented. 

On Wednesday, the Bembibre team issued a statement condemning the man’s behaviour, as well as ‘all kind of sexist expressions that damage the moral integrity of women or of any person’.

Bembibre has decided to ban the man from any future matches taking place in the arena from now on. 

The incident comes in the wake of the major sexism row that broke out in women’s football, after the then-chairman of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, grabbed his crotch when the Spain team one the World Cup final in August, before forcibly kissing player Jenni Hermoso at the medal ceremony. 

Rubiales was eventually forced to quit from his role and is now facing a criminal trial for his actions. 

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