A heroin trafficking ring leader from Marbella who police have dubbed the ‘guardian’ of the drug has been busted.

Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil Cordoba agents stopped a vehicle in La Carolina in Jaen and discovered 14kg heroin, which was en-route to Madrid and Leon.

It was traced back to the criminal group’s leader in Marbella who is accused of ‘large-scale’ heroin trafficking throughout Spain and ‘guarded’ the drugs at his home address in Marbella. 

During three separate raids in Malaga and Estepona police seized two kilos of caffeine and the stimulant ephedrine, used for the preparation of heroin, as well as two luxury cars, nine mobile terminals, 20,000 euros in cash and various documents.

The shipment of heroin police caught which was en-route to Madrid and Leon.

Two other people were also arrested for their alleged involvement in the drug trafficking plot. 

Policia Nacional said the gang leader – who officers dubbed the ‘guardian’ of the heroin – was also linked to a similar criminal group based in the Netherlands, whose members financed drug deals in Spain.

“Likewise, the agents identified another essential figure for the organisation, ‘the carrier’, who was in charge of carrying out the shipments, using vehicles,” Policia Nacional said. 

Police also identified people in charge of trafficking the heroin on a ‘smaller scale’, as well as several clients, in Cordoba.  

The Investigating Court number 1 of Marbella has ordered prison sentences for the three detainees.


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