Graffiti 2
REALLY? The works by Marco don’t quite match up to Banksy (CREDIT: Policia Nacional)

A GRAFFITI artist has been let off by a judge after tagging more than 150 buildings in central Spain.

Despite causing up to €7,000 in damages, the 23-year-old saw his case thrown out of the Ciudad Real court by judge Carmelo Ordonez.

The so-called artist had tagged shops, private homes and even the Provincial Palace, an official Site of Cultural Interest.

The judge ruled that Marco, as he is known, did not intend to cause damage and that he was actually creating ‘urban art’.

QUESTIONABLE: The works by Marco were described as urban art by a judge

In his ruling he mentioned iconic British street artist Banksy.

He said: “After a torturous journey he was featured by the most famous art galleries in the world.”

The judge dismissed the appeal filed by the Prosecutor’s Office after the case was first filed at the end of December last year.

Prosecutors argued the graffiti caused material damage and argued that similar cases in other courts in Spain had resulted in convictions.

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