THE mayor of Los Alcazares has publicly lambasted the president of the autonomous region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras.

Mario Perez Cervera
SICK: Mario Pérez Cervera

Mario Pérez Cervera took to social media on Tuesday (21), to ask questions regarding finance to help alleviate flooding problems.

“I am sick, we are sick of this unfair situation,” he said, referring to the five devastating floods in three years.

He stated, “I have received the call of the president of the autonomous community (López), offering to meet me on Friday.”

Referring to himself, Cervera asked, “If this mayor has to take action in a matter of minutes, why can’t he and his administration do anything in months?”

La Door 1  2
“INCREDIBLY SAD”: Los Alcazares doorway

“We’ve been waiting since 2016.”

Cervera went on to thank the different municipal services, volunteers and the fire service for the enormous work done to avert another disaster.

On Tuesday evening (21st), 43 of the town’s streets remained closed to traffic because of the flooding, and close to 100 volunteers and firemen were busy trying to pump away the water.

La Door 3a
DESPERATE: Bricked up doorway in Los Alxazares

Olive Press reader and expat, Jo Scott, sent us pictures of Los Alcazares doorways that have been crudely bricked up in desperate attempts to keep mud and flood water out of homes and businesses.

She said, “It’s incredibly sad, watching people having to climb over a wall to get into their own houses.”

Is the mayor of Los Alcazares right to express his concerns so publicly via social media?

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