WE’RE sorry Spain!

It wasn’t us that voted for Britain to leave the European Union (EU).

Having been born in Andalucia, with the Spanish environment and culture in our DNA, the Olive Press is proudly European.

After Brexit we will continue to cover the local and national issues and stories that matter most, unlike other local papers, which prefer to write about Eastenders, Iran and Angela Merkle.

Our readers are clearly more Spain-orientated in their mindset, with 27% saying that they would vote Remain in an exclusive Olive Press poll last year.

In the questionnaire of over 2,100 readers, we discovered that around a quarter wanted Britain to leave the union – still a staggeringly high figure when you consider that many of our readers are expats.

However that is nothing compared to the results of the Euro Weekly News poll this week, which revealed that 81% of its readers would be celebrating Brexit.

That is despite Brexit having a potentially detrimental effect on their healthcare, pensions and freedom of movement.

There has been considerable confusion over certain aspects of life after B-day.

That is why Olive Press reporters were at the Brexit seminars with the British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott and his predecessor Simon Manley, in order to keep you updated.

We also stood shoulder to shoulder with Brits, Spaniards and Gibraltarians at a recent anti-Brexit protest in La Linea.

Once the clock strikes 12 tonight, we will not stop fighting for the rights of expats and Spaniards alike.

Stick with us through this evening for all the latest coverage of the Brexit proceedings going on around the country.

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