A PLANE is preparing to make an emergency landing at Madrid airport, it has been announced.

Barajas airport in the Spanish capital is enduring a difficult day as it had to be closed earlier today due to drone sightings. 

At around 16:30 an Air Canada flight on course for Toronto carrying 130 passengers is currently getting ready to make an emergency landing.

The plane had taken off just before 15:00 from Barajas but suffered some damage to one of its wheels during its ascend. 

It has been seen circling south of the city at a low height after it had to burn fuel before being able to descent.

Enaire, the air traffic control agency, has set up a runway at the Madrid airfield along so that the wrecked plane can land.

“Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport is prepared to receive the AK837 flight from Air Canada to Toronto. The Airport is operational,” said AENA.

The pilot made an announcement to the passengers and said: “We are going to land at Barajas Airport but we have full tanks so we will continue to circle in the air until we consume enough fuel to be lighter at the time of landing.

“Everything is under control.

“This plane has the landing gear on, in the back eight wheels and in the front too, and we have lost only one, so there won’t be a problem for landing, thank you very much for your patience.”

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