POLICE have seized a huge marijuana plantation hidden in the garage of a property in Malaga.

Policia Nacional officers received a tip-off about a house in Antequera, before launching a raid on the property.

Following the raid, police discovered a large greenhouse containing 633 plants all in varying states of growth. 

20200203 Foto 2 Antequera
ILLEGAL: Contraband seized

The police also seized air conditioners, transformers, fans, lamps and irrigation systems, among other tools to advance the growing process.

Nine people were arrested, all of Spanish nationality, while 633 marijuana plants have been seized.

20200203 Foto 3 Antequera
SEIZED: Equipment used in the illegal farm

The accused include seven men and two women of Spanish nationality.

They were held for their alleged involvement in the crimes of drug trafficking and stealing electricity.

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