A CAR has rolled into a boat at Cabopino harbour on the Costa del Sol.

British expat Graham Pierce and his wife Anita had gone for a stroll by the harbour on Saturday evening when they stumbled across the scene.

The couple, both in their 50s, saw two men standing next to the car, visibly in shock.

The two men were British tourists who had rented a Fiat for their holiday in Spain.

“I forgot to put the handbrake on,” said the driver.

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UNBELIEVABLE: The driver (squatting) managed to forget to put the handbrake on ©theOlivePress

According to Pierce, the driver had called a recovery truck who said they were unable to help once they reviewed the situation.

“We’re now waiting for a second one,” added the tourist.

Pierce – a retired policeman who now owns a removal company – and his wife then left the scene, only to walk past it about two hours later.

What they found was a completely different setting, as the car was now parked normally, with only a few scuffs visible on the back.

The boat was in a similar situation too, with just a few scuffs here and there and no permanent dents visible.

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