BUDGET supermarket chain Lidl has announced it is recalling thousands of jars of oregano potentially contaminated with toxins that could cause liver disease.

Staff in Spain and the UK have cleared the shelves of the affected batch, with the supermarket chain urging customers to return the dried herbs for a refund.

The jars involved are 7.5 gramme Kania brand with a best before date of 07/2022 and marked with batch numbers LA91832, and LC91834.

The supplier is Weiand GmbH.

Comunicado De Lidl
OFFENDING: The recalled oregano

A statement from Lidl said: “Internal controls have detected a high value of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

“The alkaloids are plant components from unwanted plants growing alongside the crops and have not been properly separated during harvesting:”

It continues: “They can cause liver damage if ingested over a long period of time. We therefore ask customers to return the product and not to consume it.”

The batches have already been withdrawn and Lidl asks customers to keep them at home to return them. They will be refunded, and it will not be necessary to show a receipt.

The chain said other Kania products are not affected by the recall, and apologised to affected customers.

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