A MAN and his dogs have been rescued after being trapped in the mountains of Almeria.

The Guardia Civil evacuated a 49-year-old man who was holed up in a shelter for three months, known as La Polarda in Beires, Almeria.

The man was trapped because of the intense snow and had not managed to resupply for quite some time.

The Guardia Civil agents were told by hikers and people skiing that a man with very little food was in that shelter.

They set off to try and rescue him, however, they had to make a part of that journey on foot due to the amount of snow accumulated during the storm.

The man was identified by the Guardia Civil and was found to have no permanent address, having decided to instead take up residence in the shelter with his dogs.

He would often walk to Ohanes which is 20 kilometres away in order to resupply, but for a long time couldn’t because of the adverse weather conditions.

The exact amount of time he was trapped without supplies is unknown, but when he was found he didn’t even have the basics to survive, according to the agents who found him.

The man was eventually evacuated and taken to the town of Alhama de Almeria where he was put in the care of the municipal shelter.

However, his rescue was anything but easy, “because of the amount of snow and his exhaustion,” according to the Guardia Civil.

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