Brexit… well it’s finally happened.

After more than three years of uncertainty, we now have more… uncertainty. 

What has actually changed? To all the Brexiteers, we ask, what has changed in your life this week that wasn’t the same last week?

The common answer people tend to give is ‘we got our country back, we got our sovereignty back’. Hurrah. But what does that actually mean?

Until 2021 nothing will change as we’re still in the transition period. 

One thing that changes every day though is the uncertainty and the rumours.

All we can really do is sit back, wait and see what January 2021 brings.

Even though we almost all voted Remain, we genuinely want Brexit to be a success, for our families and loved ones who still live in the UK and for our futures in case we ever move back. 

Do we think it’ll be a success? Now that’s a different matter.

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