Brexit… well it’s finally happened.

After more than three years of uncertainty, we now have more… uncertainty. 

What has actually changed? To all the Brexiteers, we ask, what has changed in your life this week that wasn’t the same last week?

The common answer people tend to give is ‘we got our country back, we got our sovereignty back’. Hurrah. But what does that actually mean?

Until 2021 nothing will change as we’re still in the transition period. 

One thing that changes every day though is the uncertainty and the rumours.

All we can really do is sit back, wait and see what January 2021 brings.

Even though we almost all voted Remain, we genuinely want Brexit to be a success, for our families and loved ones who still live in the UK and for our futures in case we ever move back. 

Do we think it’ll be a success? Now that’s a different matter.


  1. Wrong on several counts.
    Even though we almost all voted Remain…. No the MAJORITY voted out.
    Uncertainty….. We do not have the uncertainty that we could be kept IN against the will of the MAJORITY.
    What has changed… The EU now has to stop thinking “How can we stop it” and start thinking “Good deal”.
    What has changed.. Spain can contemplate selling fruit and veg to the UK or putting up barriers.
    What has changed.. Spain can think about keeping “Brits Happy” or getting us to leave.
    What has changed… UK firms now have to start “Training” UK people instead of “Buying” cheap labour from abroad.
    I could go on but I expect your getting bored.

    Location : Motril
    • Good points Vulcanben!

      We also voted BREXIT even though we were not Olive Press contributors then, and we were living half the year in Spain and half in the UK. I reckon more than 50% of Brits we know in Spain also voted Brexit most of whom also still own property in the UK, and around 60% did too in the South East of the UK where we kept a property. Is the author of the article Greek, and Left wing? The EU is already squabbling over who will make up the €60-75 Billion it will lose from the UK over the next 6 years, even talk of almost doubling Germany’s contribution and increasing the other wealthier Northern countries’ payments.

      One thing I can confirm, is that the uncertainty in the UK has now gone, and we look forward now, whereas the EU seems more worried! Good too that Boris blew the anti semitic marxists Labour out of the picture and the bonus was getting rid of the bell end Swinson with her Lib Dims! Between them they helped the Conservatives to their huge majority.


  2. The article is accurate. Brexit is NOT “done” it has just begun. The only certainty is that Johnson (lurking in the shadows) will simply kick his lazy heels until the last minute and then crash out, pointing the finger of blame at the E.U.
    The question, as always, remains, “Brexit, what is in it for you?” Apart from the abstract ideas of “sovereignty and taking back control” which of course is meaningless drivel.

    Location : malaga
  3. Sorry to disagree Stefanjo, but Brexit is done. We are out of the EU, we have agreed to a limited period of transition to allow the EU to get its “Trade Deal” together but every government around the world is at some level trying to do deals with other countries, the UK is no different. We may or may not get a deal with the EU this year but that is not subject to Brexit.
    If the EU does not get a deal with the UK by the end of the year I’m sure the EU can approach the UK in January 2021 and make us an improved offer but at that point the “Transition Period” will be over which means “No more money”. The EU is only trying to extend the period to keep the UK “Paying the bills”.

    Location : Motril
  4. The finger of blame is already pointed at the EU.. The utter gall ! Britain gives two fingers to the EU and expects it to crawl.
    Hey ! Poetry…. Anyway, the Brexit elephant question remains – “what’s in it for you?”

    Location : malaga
    • Oh, Mr Blinkered omits the fact that the EU gave two fingers to the UK for over 3 years and expected the UK to crawl, the utter gall as he has his weekly whinge about the country which pays his State Pension etc!
      You must be a real bundle of fun in your community, your moaning will not change a thing btw, the majority of people who voted Remain in the UK have accepted Brexit & getting on with life, and where we live in Spain, so, good news there!!


    • stefanjo asks “What’s in it for you?”.. the truth is Very little as I spend time in both the UK and Spain, I will probably be worse off in the short to medium term but the UK can be better off in the medium to long term unless we blow it.
      So its not about what’s in it for me.

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