Dog Dumped
AWFUL: Dog left tied to bins was not even a year old (FACEBOOK)

THIS is the heartbreaking moment a young dog was left tied to bins on Spain’s Costa del Sol at the weekend.

The photos were believed to have been taken in Benalmadena by a local who published them on social media to shame the cruel owners. 

“This goes to the son of a b***h who has seen this dog as garbage,” their accompanying message read, “I hope you covered yourself when you left it there because there are lots of cameras, HUMAN TRASH!”

It added: “Thank you Perritos del Higueron who are now taking care of her. 

“A dog that is no more than one year old.” 

Dog Dumped 2

Other locals and expats have been left shocked by the cruelty of the act. 

“So unbelievably cruel,” wrote one, “How can somebody be capable of this?”

Another wrote: “Too many heartless people these days…. they adopt a dog when it is a puppy and when it gets big they just abandon it. 

“Animals love too and have big hearts and believe in humans…. a person who does this is just soulless.”

Dumpster Dog Saved
RESCUED: By local animal group Perritos del Higueron

Perritos del Higueron said in a statement: “People without the slightest sensitivity for animals have decided to dump this dog like garbage.

“If you are reading this, know that this is going to be denounced and we will look for whoever has done this.”

The dog had no chip and has been taken to the vets for a checkup. 

The group added: “If there are witnesses to what happened, please contact us or file a complaint with the police directly.”

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