A COUPLE have been arrested for throwing their newborn baby into the river in Castilla y León.

Policia Nacional received a call from a hospital in Palencia that was attending to a young woman who they believe had recently given birth but the hospital staff didn’t know her baby’s whereabouts.

The 23-year old said she had given birth last night and had put the baby into a container in the Palencia industrial estate.

Officers began the search for it, while taking steps to stop the collection of garbage in the area, hoping to locate the baby still alive.

However, the police were unsuccessful in locating it and then doctors informed them that the delivery had not been the night before, but several nights earlier.

The woman was then placed under arrest and taken to the police station where she mentioned that together with her boyfriend, 29, they had buried the infant in Monte el Viejo.

However, when agents went to the location, once again the body could not be found.

After being interrogated again by the police, the couple said the birth took place on January 28 and they threw the newborn into the Carrion river, near Husillos, a small town of 313 inhabitants.

Policia Nacional finally found the deceased baby at the bottom of the river.

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