AN attempted quickfire kidnap and ransom has been foiled by police in inland Andalucia.

A man was forced into a vehicle in the Cordoban village of Rute, before a kidnapper demanded he pay €1,000.

The alleged kidnapper sped off with the man through nearby villages last month, the Guardia Civil has revealed.

A resident from the village, as well as two other men from nearby Encinas Reales, have been arrested for the crimes of extortion and illegal detention.

Rute Cordoba
RUTE: The tiny Cordoban village was the site of the kidnap and ransom attempt

The incident happened at around midnight on January 25 when a man was approached by the perpetrator as he was walking down the street.

He was allegedly grabbed by the arm and dragged into a nearby car.

When it was revealed he didn’t have the ‘ransom’ the kidnappers forced the man to phone family to raise the money.

It was only when they returned to Rute and the driver noticed a Guardia Civil officer that he allowed the victim to go.

He was travelling with two other occupants in the vehicle.

Victim statements and information given by the officer allowed police to identify the perpetrators and make a quick arrest the following day.

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