A WOMAN was arrested after a large stash of marijuana was found in her suitcase at Malaga airport.

The Swedish woman was reportedly catching a flight to Manchester airport, UK.

The Guardia Civil was carrying out random searches on people and luggage in order to crackdown on drug smuggling when the 13kg hoard was detected.

Following an electronic baggage check, the alarm was raised due to suspicious looking contents inside the suitcase.

Malaga Marijuana
STASH: 24 vacuum-packed marijuana packets found

The owner of the bag was then located and detained as she was about to board the plane.

She was then taken to open the bag and display the contents to police.

After opening the suitcase, the agents found the marijuana inside 24 vacuum-packed plastic wrappers with a total weight of 13.5 kilograms.

The woman was then arrested for the alleged commission of a drug trafficking offence.

This comes after £250,000 worth of marijuana was found off the south coast of Spain earlier this month.

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