DOG walkers in Andalucia could soon be fined if they don’t clean up their pet’s urine.

Approval has been given to force dog walkers in Sevilla to wash the wee away on public streets.

A person walking their dog will be expected to take care that it does not urinate or defecate on pavements, blind people with guide dogs will be exempt from such obligations. 

The Sevilla City Council will fine owners with up to 500 euros for not cleaning up the dog mess.

The move comes from a social transformation plan for the city of Sevilla.

The plan places special emphasis on responsible dog ownership outlined in the Ordinance of Protection, Welfare and Responsible Keeping of Animals document.

Other regulations will also oversee sterilisation to avoid overpopulation, breeding, requirements for transportation and abandonment. 

The ordinance is up for debate on February 24.

This new regulation will mean owners must be armed, in addition to poo bags, with a bottle of water to clean the urine off the street.

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