RAFAL Policia Local couldn’t believe their noses when the distinct aroma of marijuana wafted over one of their buildings in the Costa Blanca town of Callosa de Segura.

Rafal Hash Farm
HIDDEN FACTORY: One of three rooms in a seemingly disused property in Callosa de Segura

A 55-year-old Spaniard was seen coming and going from a seemingly disused property, oblivious to the close proximity of the law.

Rafal Hash Farm 2
FOUND: 400 plants and expensive processing equipment

Agents swooped on Tuesday, February 11, and found a marijuana factory throughout a series of three rooms in the building.

Police found that all three rooms had air intake and extraction systems, heat lamps, air conditioners, thermostats and an automated irrigation system illegally connected to the local electricity supply.

Cultivation of 400 marijuana plants and equipment worth over €17,000 was uncovered, leading to the man’s arrest for a crime against public health.

He was taken to court, charged and later released.

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