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Police seize 322 kg of cocaine hidden between popcorn bags in Algeciras (Cadiz)

A TOTAL of 322 kg of cocaine hidden between popcorn bags inside a container have been seized at Algeciras Port (Cadiz).  Policia Nacional were notified...

Wanted by Spain’s Interior Ministry: Companies to help incinerate the police’s record drug hauls

SPAIN is one of the main hubs in Europe for the import of cocaine and hashish, meaning that the country’s authorities are constantly making...

Guardia Civil seize 2 tons of hash in surprise dawn raid on popular beach in Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE seized nearly 2 tons of hashish after a dawn raid on two launches that landed on the popular Tarifa beach of Los Lances. The...

New meaning to coca powder: Over a tonne of cocaine seized at Barcelona Port disguised as chocolate powder

Over a tonne of cocaine was discovered in the Port of Barcelona disguised in a shipment of cocoa powder. The bust was made after the...

BUSTED: Police arrest gang who allegedly sent drugs to UK from Spain’s Andalucia hidden in containers

POLICE arrested six members of a gang that allegedly sent drugs to Britain in specially prepared secret compartments inside maritime containers. Guardia Civil agents raided...

Spanish police intercept mega 56kg MDMA haul on yacht bound for Argentina

Rather than busting drugs brought to the shores of Spain’s crooked Costa del Sol, from South America, Spanish police have this time uncovered a...

Police raid weed farm hidden in the mountains of Spain’s Malaga and arrest two suspects

POLICE have busted a weed farm in the remote mountains of Malaga and arrested a man and woman who grew the illegal crop. Prosecutors charged...

‘World’s biggest marijuana bust’ is not what it seems, claims Spanish businessman at centre of case

THE Civil Guard billed it as not just the biggest marijuana bust ever seen in Spain, but also in the whole world. Operation Gardens,...

Guardia Civil bust two homes in Spain’s Malaga province where gang grew weed and sent it to central Europe

POLICE have arrested four people who grew cannabis at two homes in the Malaga province and sold it to central European countries. The Guardia Civil...

WATCH: Police smash huge smuggling ring that sent weed to Germany on trucks and camper vans

EUROPOL agents have arrested 44 and seized over €4 million in cash after the stakeout of a powerful weed and hash Costa del Sol...

Operation Cleaner: Drug gang that used ‘cocaine factory’ double-bottomed vehicles smashed by police

NATIONAL police based in the province of Malaga, Andalucia, have broken up a criminal gang that used double-bottomed vehicles equipped with drug-preparation facilities to...

High speed boat chase results in massive offshore drugs bust on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN illegal cargo of 1,300 kilos of hashish has been seized by the Guardia Civil after a high speed boat chase in Costa Blanca...

WATCH: ‘Biggest cocaine distribution gang in Europe’ broken up in Spanish led international operation taking in Malaga and Valencia

SPANISH police have been at the heart of a massive international operation that has busted what they describe as the biggest cocaine distribution network...

Massive cocaine haul seized in two separate shipments at Valencia port in Spain

A TOTAL of 660 kilos of cocaine from two separate shipments were seized by the authorities after landing at Valencia port on the same...

Police smash THREE criminal gangs that smuggled large quantities of cocaine into Spain’s Mallorca

According to investigators, the three gangs worked together to import high purity cocaine through a well known courier company which was then distributed to multiple drug dealers across the island

Drug smuggling family busted in joint operation between Columbia and Spain’s Mallorca

The investigation was initiated when police at Bogota's El Dorado airport discovered a package destined for Son Severa was concealing almost 5 kilos of cocaine.

Three kilos of cocaine seized in drugs bust in Spain’s Mallorca

Investigators say this was an important bust as the cocaine was of very high purity

Unlucky pair arrested for flouting lock-down rules, then see sizeable stash of hash and cash seized, too

TWO MEN from Molina de Segura, near Costa Calida's Murcia, lost out in a number of ways when they were pulled over by Guardia...

Costa Blanca cops find neighbour’s narcotics factory right under their noses

RAFAL Policia Local couldn’t believe their noses when the distinct aroma of marijuana wafted over one of their buildings in the Costa Blanca town...

Swedish expat returns to Spain’s Costa Blanca to find house turned into DRUGS DEN guarded by armed trafficker

A SWEDISH expat had the shock of his life when he returned home to find it occupied by an armed drug trafficker. The unnamed Swede,...

WATCH: Colombian Cocaine Caravans caught in Canary Islands, cartel arrested

AN INTERNATIONAL gang of drug traffickers were busted in a large-scale dawn raid in the Canary Islands. Holiday caravans were used to transport cocaine around...

WATCH: Tonne of narcotics found hidden in furniture leaving Costa Blanca’s Alicante for France – 18 arrested

A DRUGS trafficking operation that transported tonnes of narcotics between Alicante and France has been busted by National Police. A total of 18 arrests were...

550kg of hash seized as police bust one of Spain’s BIGGEST and most sophisticated drug gangs

3,000 litres of petrol, twelve cars and two motorcycles have also been seized during the sting.

Police arrest 40 people in drugs bust in southern Spanish province of Cadiz

Amongst those arrested was the ringleader Antonio 'El Tomate.'

Four arrested in 86kg and €152,000 cocaine bust in Sevilla

Police attached a tracking device to one of the suspect's cars to find out the destination of the drugs





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