A JOINT operation coordinated by police in Columbia and Mallorca has led to the arrest of eight members of the same family that trafficked narcotics into Spain from South America.

The investigation was initiated in June 2020 when police at Bogota’s El Dorado airport discovered a package destined for the Mallorcan town of Son Severa was concealing almost 5 kilos of cocaine.

Policia Nacional in Mallorca were immediately notified and a task team was set up to bring down the responsible criminal gang.

In Mallorca, covert surveillance was undertaken at the address and on the inhabitants’ movements.

Once enough evidence was collected, police raided four properties, finding large quantities of cocaine, two marijuana plantations with over 100 plants and various cutting equipment.

drugs mallorca
HAUL: Narcotics uncovered in the raids of four properties

Eight people were arrested in the sting, all who have been charged with drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal gang.


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