POLICE have busted a weed farm in the remote mountains of Malaga and arrested a man and woman who grew the illegal crop.

Prosecutors charged the pair with drug trafficking and stealing electricity from the grid after the police swarmed the property.

The two suspects made the most of ‘the distance from the capital and other neighbours to dedicate themselves to a more relaxed growth and sale of marijuana,’ National Police said in a statement.

The Montes de Malaga are located in the remote hills behind the provincial capital.

Local police first became aware of the cannabis sativa plantation after they smelled the plant near the house.

They contacted the national police station in Malaga and told them about the mountain house and those who they thought were responsible for the plantation.

This information led to the raid on the home and police seizing 2 kilograms of weed inside a secret drying room.

National Police agents also found 48 grams of hashish, nine blades and ammunition of different calibres.

The law in Spain prohibits the large-scale production of cannabis although about 800 clubs are licensed to grow and sell it to their members.


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