POLICE have seized over three kilos of cocaine in a major drugs bust for Mallorca.

Policia Nacional had received a tip-off about a suspected drug dealer operating inside a flat in Palma’s Son Gotleu district.

After carrying out covert surveillance, investigators found that the man living in the property was being sent narcotics hidden inside parcels.

These were delivered by a well known Spanish courier.

The courier was contacted and asked to notify police of the next scheduled delivery to the address.

Once this information was in hand, officers were able to intercept two packages as they were delivered to the home.

Inside one, three kilos of cocaine was found, and in the other, there were five kilos of hashish.

The man was arrested has been charged with drug trafficking.

Policia Nacional say this was an important bust as the narcotics were of extremely high purity and quality.

It comes after Spain’s biggest haul of ‘pink cocaine’ was seized and Holland’s most wanted man arrested in a joint operation between Guardia Civil and the Netherlands Police.

Other drugs including MDMA and heroin were found with 11Kg of the narcotic, popularly known as ‘pink cocaine’.

The detainee had fled Dutch authorities after he was accused of the 2019 fatal shooting of a man in an Amsterdam car park.

Initially, he was believed to be Barcelona, and then Marbella, before investigations took police as far as Portugal.

Intelligence eventually led authorities to the 21-year-old to Valencia, where he was eventually found in its capital.

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