POLICE have arrested four people who grew cannabis at two homes in the Malaga province and sold it to central European countries.

The Guardia Civil raided the houses rented by Balkan nationals in Coin and Velez-Malaga after finding over 60kg of vacuum-packed weed in a Coin industrial estate last summer.

Police officers opened the investigation last January when they discovered that a group of Balkan suspects had rented homes in these Malaga towns.

Under the ‘Humake’operation they started to keep a watchful eye on them.

The suspects were allegedly growing the drugs on a three month cycle before transporting it to central Europe hidden among legal goods on HGV trucks.

Police intercepted one of these shipments in the Cantarranas de Coin industrial estate.

They found 60.3kg of marijuana buds hidden in a truck that was parked there.

Guardia Civil agents then located a further 1.15kg of weed at the homes in Coin and Velez-Malaga.

They arrested four men aged from 26 to 45-years-old who came from various Balkan countries and sent them to prison before trial.


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