THE case of the disappearance of Marta del Castillo has been reopened by a court in Sevilla.

The 17-year-old Sevillian girl was murdered in 2009, her body has never been located.

Marta’s parents have asked the court to reopen the case because they believe there are new clues to help locate the young girl’s body.

They made the request after receiving new information from Miguel Carcaño, a man serving time in jail for the murder.

Carcaño who is serving 21 years for the crime, apparently told them that Marta was killed by her brother Francisco Javier Delgado to cover up scams and false documentation. 

A court has asked police to investigate the new clues to shed light on the possible involvement of third parties in the young girl’s death and locating her body.

One theory surrounding the death is that Marta was killed during a fight between Carcaño and Delgado but the cause of her death is still being investigated.

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