OUTDOOR heaters have been banned in one French city in a new initiative to tackle climate change.

The French town of Rennes has been the first in France to ban terrace heaters in the fight against climate change.

This comes after Barcelona has introduced regulations aimed at eliminating these heaters and requires that in five years the gas stoves are not present in public spaces.

Experts have calculated that every hour these gas heaters emit up to three kilos of CO2. 

Rennes, Brittany introduced the ban on January 1 as part of a green transition aimed at reducing pollution, banning both gas and electric heaters. 

“With the ecological challenge before us, we must be exemplary in the public space,” said Deputy Mayor, Marc Herve.

Madrid considered banning terrace heaters in 2017, according to a consensus there were more than 4,500 terraces but the legislation was never developed.

In Spain, the use of these outdoor heaters increased in 2011 following the introduction of  anti-smoking laws in bars and restaurants.

Sources from the Municipal of Barcelona say that living in a Mediterranean city, the temperature already allows for terraces all year round. 

Although, the Ayuntamiento de Granada has said that it does not plan to implement this measure within its public spaces.


  1. They are at least 1500 active volcanoes in the world today, and if you lit every patio and outside heater in the world at the same time, the output from them would be like a fart in the wind compared to the output of one volcano.

    Location : Ireland
  2. The biggest, smelliest farts are those emanating from the mouths of climate-change deniers. To ban patio heaters is to make a point. no-one believes these actions would do anything to halt the coming dystopia, but it gets people talking about what is really required. Which is the elimination of all fossil fuels. A massive reduction/cessation of meat-eating. Trade co-operation, not competition. Re-cycling of every scrap used. A new-found respect for Mother Earth. All that would be a start, followed by peace not war and love not hate.
    Pay heed to Extinction Rebellion, those kids know what’s what. XR.

    Location : malaga

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