FOUR dead and eight seriously injured roosters have been discovered by police while raiding a cockfight in Cadiz.

Video shows row upon row of boxes, each one containing a cockerel destined to be fought to satisfy the bloodlust and gambling habit of around 197 people at the cockpit in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Police say they also found drugs that were to be fed to the roosters to make them more energetic and give them stamina.

Officers said large sums of money are often gambled on these ‘clandestine’ fights.

BLOODSPORT: Police launch huge raid on cockfight in Cadiz

Cockfighting is illegal in Spain, with the exception of Andalucia and the Canary Islands.

In these regions gambling on the blood sport is forbidden.

People had come from all over Andalucia and from as far afield as the Balearic Islands to view and take part in the bloody spectacle.

The operation began when police station became aware of a ‘championship’ that was to take place during the weekend of February 8-9.

Suspecting bets would be placed, they raided the cockpit.

The inspection ended with the arrest of a 33-year-old man who was found in possession of counterfeit money.

In addition, 34 reports were made for violations of public safety regulations, the use or possession of drugs in a public place, the carrying of prohibited weapons and disobedience.

The organisers of the event are being investigated for animal abuse.


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