YOUR windows may be rattling this week and you may even catch a sonic boom as you eat your cornflakes.

That is because, starting from today, Spain’s Ministry of Defence will be conducting air drills across Malaga.

Operation ‘Eagle Eye 20-01’ will see 800 soldiers and six F18 fighter jets take part in exercises for five days.

The planes of the 15th Air Force Wing division will be joined by the frigate ‘Admiral Juan de Borbon’ off the Costa del Sol.

F18 Fighter
ATTACKER: The F18 fighter will be spotted in the skies of Malaga this week

Training drills will include ‘defensive air missions’ which will involve manoeuvres to deal with enemy aircraft.

The Armed Forces and Defense Command and Air Operations have coordinated for the operation in the Alboran Sea area.

The Group of Antiaircraft Artillery II / 74 of the Unit of Air Defense (UDAA) will be among those deployed.

This powerful unit possesses HAWK, NASAMS and MISTRAL missiles, as well as Oerlikon 35/90 guns.

Meanwhile, the Admiral Juan de Borbon has a AEGIS combat system, as well as an anti-aircraft SPY-1D multifunction radar.

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