A CASSETTE tape lost in 1993 during a holiday to Mallorca has washed up in the Canary Islands and is still in working order.

12-year-old Stella Wedell from Germany, lost the ‘Best of 93’ tape while holidaying, only for it to re-emerge 1,200 miles away.

The tape, found by photographer Mandy Barker in 2017 on a Fuerteventura beach has been sent to an audio restorer ensuring that the tunes of Shaggy, Bob Marley and the Pet Shop Boys can still be enjoyed.

Barker then used the tape in an exhibition called ‘Sea of Artifacts’, bringing attention to excessive plastic destroying nature around us. 

A shocked Stella Wedell recognised the tape and its playlist when visiting the Stockholm exhibition during a holiday and contacted the photographer.


Professor Richard Thompson of the International Marine Garbage Research Unit at Plymouth University said: “The fact that it has survived intact shows the durability of the plastic and the threat it can pose for the marine environment”.

Once the exhibition ends, Mandy Barker will reunite Sally with the tape.


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