FOUR members of the same family have been isolated for possible coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Costa del Sol after returning from a trip to Italy. 

The four presented themselves to the emergency department of the Hospital Civil in Malaga today, with two showing flu like symptoms.

Doctors initiated COVID-19 protocols after discovering they had recently travelled to northern Italy.

The two family members showing symptoms have been placed in isolation at the Hospital General until tests reveal whether or not they are carrying the virus.

Their blood samples have been sent to the National Centre of Microbiology and the results should be known in less than 24 hours.

Professionals said there is no need for alarm and that the tests are a precaution given that they had come from a problem area.

It comes as Italy has seen a spike in cases with six killed and 219 infected.

Authorities there are struggling to deal with the cases as they continue to try to track down patient zero.

The other two family members in Malaga are being kept in isolation at their home pending test results.

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