A FAMILY in Malaga has donated its flat to three migrants.

Francisco Salcedo and his three siblings decided to donate their old family home, which was recently renovated, to Nabil, Hassan and Bilal.

The three young men aged 18 and 19 lived for eight months in a municipal centre or on the streets. 

But now they have their very own home, courtesy of Malaga Acoge, a migrant support association.

“It’s a huge change,” said all three.

Salcedo’s family had lived in the flat for most of the 20th century, but his mother decided to rent it out in the 1970s.

When his mother died in 1993, Salcedo and his siblings stopped collecting rent and allowed the couple who lived there to stay for free.

The couple however passed away in 2017.

That’s when the four siblings decided to donate the flat to Malaga Acoge.

Around 100 people participated in a fundraising campaign, necessary for the flat’s renovation and paperwork.

Together with businesses, public agencies and social organisations, they raised €65,000.

German Torrecillas, a member of Malaga Acoge said: “Now the organisation owns a home to support many kids in the future, it’s a huge step.”

On the same street, there are many tourist apartments, and rent has skyrocketed by as much as 45% in the last five years.

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