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CUFFED: Simon Corner hauled into court. PHOTO: Copyright The Olive Press

DEAN Woods aka Simon Corner has been jailed for 12 years for his involvement in a large scale Liverpool drug trafficking operation. 

Woods, 37, long suspected of being involved in the disappearance of his Scottish girlfriend Lisa Brown in southern Spain, was one of six to be sent down.

The Merseyside criminal group has been sentenced to a total of 86 years after flooding the streets daily with Class A drugs across, Wrexham, Bradford, Bolton, Newcastle and London.

They also had access to guns and ammunition. 

Woods, who worked as a luxury yacht dealer, vanished from the Costa del Sol after his girlfriend Lisa, 32, went missing back in November 2015.

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STILL MISSING: Lisa Brown went missing in 2015

He was treated as a fugitive while a manhunt was launched to bring him back to face questioning.

Woods, who was going by the alias Simon Corner, was arrested at London Heathrow in April 2018 but a few weeks later the case in Spain controversially fell apart. 

Judge Garcia Ramila ruled: “This court has serious doubts Simon Corner is the person responsible for the crimes of homicide or unlawful detention being investigated.”

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Simon Corner. Copyright the Olive Press

The case reopened six months later and investigators said they would analyse Woods’ phone – which he had dumped in a harbour in Copenhagen – before deciding whether or not to prosecute, but no charges ever materialised. 

By November that year, Woods had become involved in a €10 million drug trafficking operation in Liverpool. 

The Old Swan man acted as a courier on at least six occasions, transporting drugs up and down the country.

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FUGITIVE: Corner brought inside by Guardia Civil last year. PHOTO: Copyright The Olive Press

The body of Lisa has never been found by police fear she may have been dumped at sea. 

There have been several searches of the woods and river near her home in Guadiaro.

She had been dating Woods, described as a ‘wheeler dealer’ who had various yachts and did frequent trips across the Med, for a few months.

Police in Spain have yet to charge anyone for her disappearance.

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