THE Andalucian government has started the construction of 700 homes with affordable rent for families on low incomes.

This new scheme is intended to help families with an annual income of between €9,000 and €26,000 with rent costing between €175 and €325 per month.

Up to 4,000 homes will be built by 2024 under this promotion to combat rises in rental prices and to facilitate access to housing, especially for young people.

The construction of 722 of these houses are already underway, with an average of 700 per year planned.

The houses will be classified as rent protected at an affordable cost for 25 years.

All of the homes will have a maximum size of 70 square metres and three bedrooms each. 

Malaga province will be home to the majority of the affordable properties with 502 to be built.

Cadiz has 71 homes planned, Granada is to house 45 with more due to be built throughout Sevilla, Huelva and Almeria.

The Ministry of Development has estimated that the cost of these initial homes will be around €21 million.


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