A TINY village in Andalucia has been left reeling after the dramatic murder of a woman by her estranged husband.

Concepcion Fernandez, 67, was killed by her former partner, 69, in Posadas in Cordoba, which is home to just over 7,000 people.

The couple were in the middle of bitter divorce proceedings when the victim returned to the family home at around midday to collect some clothing.

After a short altercation the man pulled a small calibre pistol and fired, killing her instantly.

The man, currently unnamed by police, then attempted to end his own life and shot himself in the neck.

He was taken to the Hospital de Sofia Reina but later died two days later due to his injuries.

The town of Posadas has declared two days mourning in tribute to the well liked woman and the president of the municipal board, Juanma Moreno publically condemned the murder, “My condemnation and absolute rejection of a new fact that outrages and embarrasses us in Andalusia,”

Council workers and residents pay their respects outside the Ayuntamiento de Posadas after the tragic events last week

A group of residents also congregated outside the ayuntamiento to show solidarity against gender violence.

The IAM has issued support for the two children of the couple in response to a request from the Minister of Equality and Social Policies, Rocío Ruiz, who also expressed her “absolute rejection and condemnation.”

These events chalk up the 14th case of gender violence in Spain since the beginning of the year as the region hopes to not repeat the figures of 2019, when 1,029 cases were recorded throughout Cordoba.


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